The Ecology of Marine Microorganisms Research group, based at the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC, Barcelona), integrates scientists from different disciplines and research topics that use complementary methods to address the ecological and functional role of marine microorganisms at different resolutions: from communities to species or ecotypes.

Our current interests are summarized in the following research lines:

Recent papers

Gene expression during bacterivorous growth of a widespread marine heterotrophic flagellate

ISME Journal. 15: 154-167 - 2021

R. Massana, A. Labarre, D. López-Escardó, A. Obiol, F. Bucchini, T. Hackl, M.G. Fischer, K. Vandepoele, D.V. Tikhonenkov, F. Husnik, P.J. Keeling

Mediocremonas mediterraneus, a New Member within the Developea

Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology. 68: e12825 - 2021

B.A. Weiler, E.L. Sà, M.E. Sieracki, R. Massana, J. del Campo

Differential recruitment of opportunistic taxa leads to contrasting abilities in carbon processing by bathypelagic and surface microbial communities

Environmental Microbiology. 23: 190-206 - 2021

M. Sebastián, I. Forn, A. Auladell, M. Gómez‐Letona, M.M. Sala, J.M. Gasol, C. Marrasé

Enhanced Viral Activity in the Surface Microlayer of the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans

Microorganisms. 9: 317 - 2021

D. Vaqué, J.A Boras, J. M. Arrieta , S. Agustí , C.M. Duarte, M.M. Sala

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