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Dolors Vaqué

I am a Senior Research Scientist at the Institute of Marine Sciences of Barcelona (ICM-CSIC) since 2007. My expertise is on marine microbial ecology. It is focused in the identification of marine planktonic microorganisms and viruses, their biomass and activity. We investigate the bacterial carbon fluxes from phytoplankton to higher trophic levels or back to the water column through the viral action, as well as the role of viruses in regulating prokaryotic and eukaryotic mortality and diversity. In the Ocean we are also studying the changes of viral distribution and diversity in different marine ecosystems (Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic and Antarctic Oceans). Currently, using isolated viruses and bacteria, we analyzed the specificity between viruses and different bacterial strains, through cross virus-bacterium infection to find viral host-ranges and realize that viruses sometimes are not as specific as expected. Also, in order to know who is infecting whom we are developing different tagging viral techniques as PhageFISH, VirusFISH and Viraltag. For that we are using cultured virus-host models, that will be transferred in the future to the environment. Finally, through molecular methods (SAGs: Single cell genome amplification, and metagenomics) we are detecting viral genes in non-cultivated hosts in different latitudes and thus, to identify which viruses infect them in nature. The results of my research resulted in 93 (SCI) scientific (H:35) and 20 (Non-SCI) papers, 9 book chapters, as well as the participation in international meetings and workshops (many of them by invitation) and dissemination to the general public. I have supervised several doctoral theses, masters theses, bachelor’s degrees and works of initiation to Research. Since 2010, I am the Editor in Chief of the International journal Scientia Marina and currently I have been appointed delegate of SCAR (Scientific Committee of Antarctic Research) in the Life Sciences section.#



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DIVAS - Temporal trends of planktonic viruses in an oligotrophic coastal system (DIVAS)
Principal investigator:
Funding entity: MCIYUStart: 01/06/2020End: 31/05/2023
PI-ICE - Interacciones polares entre hielo-océano-atmósfera: impacto sobre el clima y la ecología.
Principal investigator:
Funding entity: MINECOStart: 01/01/2018End: 31/12/2019
ALLFLAGS - Global assessment of the abundance, diversity and activity of marine heterotrophic flagellates species
Principal investigator:
Funding entity: MINECOStart: 30/12/2016End: 29/12/2019


SeaDance - SeaDance, demuestra que puedes mantener el ritmo!
Funding entity: FECYTStart: 01/01/2016End: 31/12/2016
MEFISTO - Impacto de los virus sobre las comunidades microbianas marinas utilizando modelos virus-hospedador y análisis metagenómicos.
Funding entity: MINECOStart: 01/01/2014End: 31/12/2017
FLAME - Population Ecology of Model Marine Heterotrophic Flagellates
Funding entity: MICINNStart: 01/01/2011End: 31/12/2013
Funding entity: MECStart: 12/10/2006End: 31/12/2006
MICROFLUX - Protozoos y virus: control de la biomasa y la diversidad de procariotas y su repercusión en los ciclos biogeoquímicos en una zona costera del Mediterráneo Nor-Occidental.
Funding entity: Ministerio de Educación y CienciaStart: 13/12/2004End: 13/12/2007
IMPRESIÓN - Impacto del vertido de hidrocarburos del Prestige sobre la red trófica microbiana planctónica
Funding entity: Ministerio de Ciencia y TecnologíaStart: 01/01/2004End: 01/12/2006
TEMPANO - Efecto de la temperatura sobre la estructura y el metabolismo de las comunidades planctónicas
Funding entity: Ministerio de Ciencia y TecnologíaStart: 01/01/2002End: 01/12/2004


Interactions between marine picoeukaryotes and their viruses one cell at a time
Author: Y.M. Castillo de la PeñaSupervisor: D. Vaqué, M. Sebastián
Institution: Universitat de Barcelona (UB)Year: 2019
Viruses in the marine environment: community dynamics, phage-host interactions and genomic structure
Author: E. Lara de la CasaSupervisor: D. Vaqué Vidal, S. G. Acinas
Institution: Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran CanariaYear: 2014
Impact of viruses on baterial communities in marine ecosystems
Author: J.A. BorasSupervisor: D. Vaqué Vidal, M.M. Sala
Institution: Universitat de BarcelonaYear: 2010
Control, por parte de los protozoos, de las comunidades bacterianas en diferentes ecosistemas marinos
Author: E. Vázquez DomínguezSupervisor: D. Vaqué, J. Flos
Institution: Universitat de BarcelonaYear: 1999
Caracterización de las actividades enzimátias de la comunidades microbianas en el litoral del lago de Constanza
Author: M.M. SalaSupervisor: H. Güde, D. Vaqué
Institution: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)Year: 1995